Tuesday, February 19, 2019


please allow me to ring off these
abstinent projections of thoughts
learning no new techniques splay-
ed fripping mince & satellites in
the harmonium of balanced ballads

that suspend the sentence, vertex
propounds beaten-heart wish, seer
perplexing and moving in on sunny
steel beams, rays, arrayed texts,
understood to be felt if not und-

ertaken and glow-blown punch for-
gets, kneeling en passant statist
papist father of money, concomit-
ant choir-slash-wire, blazed sub-
mitting unrelenting ecstatistics;

misremarked colour graphite swim-
mer of seventeen sons, why do you
reply: kite the skate and serpent
skirted shirts versus skins, poem
inherent with magnificent malice,

and yet it goes misremarked.. yes
that's a story, the spirit levels
civics like crying liberty, and a
so luminous bowl backmasked sits,
power to arrive with the weather-

ing, solar wind, and though you'd
bust you probably burn, addition-
al alleleuia reconstructed, over-
worked & underpaid, clicking swat
fireflies heading indestructible.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


absolute, opposite revelator roll
the windows and britannia, my ac-
celerator nimble be quickened and
ascendant, or i'll knuckle my eye
when the dam bursts-- the streaky

eyeliner informed me, as i walked
the beat, that someone was on the
point of throwing it all away: be
as silent as the foreground, even
if it pulsates, wavering, thought

skittering around a pinball night
like so many vanishing spells and
hasty generalisations, and waking
up i began to believe that i am a
blank canvas over a tilted easel;

sehnsucht elevator floors follow-
ing the wheeling saudade, origin-
al sound that got scribbled in so
many notebooks like wishlists you
sent to father christmas but when

the refracting dawn slit open the
envelope of sleephood someone was
knocking slight on the wall, like
it ultimately shouldn't make much
difference whether anyone answer-

ed or if something sharp fell out
of the sky, and let me tell you a
secret about that: there are many
skies, and the faster your faith,
something is better than nothing.