Monday, March 18, 2019


haul and announce, rollover turn-
around of exquisite crypt, flares
and inattentive smoke which treed
the inanimate wonder of islington
and trenchtown, rockers meets the

scientist in a dark tower of dub:
fleeting, cherish the simpliciti-
es that wash my skin, rosining my
grip for the ultimate and addict-
ive whirl towards the world! pow-

ers that weren't, silly vocalisa-
tion trending the grip and making
many months, push/pull walk halls
digitised like binomial infiniti-
es that remain undisguised, free;

spilled lust maps the undiscover-
able country that's propped up by
pedal-steel and as the stage tied
up and crying dies, the show must
go on.. someone said you've lived

here for millennia, burning night
pride that sleeps your eyes, sand
moving forever as dictated by the
silt stenographer, i hope against
hope she knows she's not guilty &

can relax, for a moment's space--
pace enunciated with the reclined
stars arrayed in diadems and halo
an exemplary superlative thrust..
doubled soul, nearly inquisitive.

Sunday, March 10, 2019


machine-made ultra high-definiti-
on gun, blank, razor on the back-
sliding invisibility spells, take
a walk for a while and wean their
fĂȘted failure (which you can hold

in your hand, much like a staple)
yet my adam's apple is memorexing
the recaller vibrations: crossing
stride deus lumina unfaultability
pre-examined metaphysical laughed

entertainer, hewers of stone, and
carriers of water, in all of your
"every thing" intimations did you
ever set the controls? sailing to
the three taverns & turned equal;

most beatitude vistas encrownable
and naked to the bright, spectral
shirka's eyes, replenitude planet
that skated sinks and is revived:
like the oldest name in the anci-

ent tongues, heart's endeavourers
and magick that settles me yellow
and haughty, oh circumambient sun
missioneering the church's subtle
and ultramagnetic tow, hail ambi-

guous tetrahedra railing & blurry
pictures of pictures of peace, on
the silten path that, reflecting,
follows me myself & doesn't lead!
brethren dwell together in unity.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


wound sheet, stick 'em up, kid, a
descent and an ending, movies the
bastard schism of unremitted skin
and--pooling--a z-shot of experi-
mental proportions, imputing data

in bad blocks and twining fingers
through my hair: i want this, for
you to make me know i'm glowing..
no purpose to it really, just art
for art's sake rolling yet blown,

breathing together & dreaming the
same, melodic-death sidewalk core
expansion and force high with the
frozen still-life freeze-frame of
luxuriating in the essence of it;

the story was written a long time
ago, so many beginnings of novels
but never-ending, was it a waste?
and you're not listening to this,
no matter how infatuated i've be-

come or let myself know that i've
been.. sinuous, crawling needling
babble dripped like abstractions,
as they march on into the nocture
and indiminuition, as marvels the

spool with our heads in the sand,
all extant flesh delaying & shown
effulgent of all manner of living
angel if angels can be said to be
living, he's honestly astonished.