Sunday, January 20, 2019


loose, repetitive perspicacity an
obvious non-issue a leap of faith
or hunger, paperback skeleton the
white flame oh god helping sorrow
bury the concussive theses, luth-

ier make the bow true and we have
heaven, like a generation of pure
talent & it's spilt down the sink
but don't call, don't call my ex-
tension when the iconic pitfalled

the venus of absolute antiquities
or, if you do, remember the numb-
er starts with the area code, and
if you know where you are, you've
done a sight better than me, you;

i'm reminded of rae, corc & rpeg,
like the spirallingly duoheliacal
premonition of ashes to ashes and
dust to dust: choosing to feel my
own replenishing texture and torn

from the theory a beneficent oth-
erness that walks in my shadow, a
spurned invocation i've spent the
accumulated drift of lifespans as
if i'd deny.. block-digit glee, a

byword glowing in the dim oceania
surrounded like the soul of ever-
ywhere & i sense goldfinch watch-
ing over me as i go, as i go, and
as i go, and i've got my reasons.

Thursday, January 10, 2019


self-begotten suturer & psychoan-
alysis stutters insisting: around
the table with blackening candles
all lucent and may weather autumn
until it's shaken into resolution

by the fraternal nemesis, winter,
or perhaps the depth is forgotten
in its palimpsest of waxy guilt &
the memories proceeding from ages
of innocent childhood which clash

insofar as waves, breaking upon a
shore can be said to renounce the
legacies, equalities, and frisson
that, required of them at our own
hands, distill their personality;

i don't like to see hard thoughts
but i don't really hate anything,
either: mind/psyence redissociat-
ed like the undertow of physical-
ly healing--and recover my eyes--

rhyme, for god's sake, however in
debt and inundated with the shake
rattle and rolling electronics we
built with our own bright spectre
of shirka's eye, the movies spool

like 1950s america, when all of a
sudden something finally happens,
and the permanent immanence leapt
into my arms marking me faithful,
great, kerouacian rant undrunken.