Monday, December 18, 2017


no one would rape that, or so he
thought to no one in particular:
saving the repentance for such a
speaking engagement, dancery and
pride in the face of disrespect,

and such misunderstanding! every
thing in the universe is created
for the purpose of pleasure, and
it's hard to seefeel why anybody
would try to ignore it.. and now

that i've got that off my chest,
stepping razor regressed intuit-
ion and big bloc commerce common
and irreducible, latinate drops,
works it, & leaves the building;

leaves: the building a bildungs-
roman and all the vaporism catch
in the clouds calling abba fath-
er or if lacking that could some
one just love me, even a little?

my life is a prayer & i've seem-
ed to outsmart myself.. foundat-
ion laid for fornications & fire
that reminds me of justice, mer-
cy could've been too good for us

but i'll tell you something from
my heart and mine alone it's not
and anyone who tells you so hav-
ing been deceived is appointed a
portion with unbelievers, think.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


dissimilar, weight on the fronts
and height in the depths, cover-
ing the words having been bound,
yes bowed like the violin icicle
île de la cité so flush & tremor

the magnificence of these lovers
who have their hearts set upon a
rhythm that's irreducible & can-
not be reproduced-- the admirat-
ion tends to fly away sometimes:

so fantastic and you can't quite
hold on to it all the while we'd
wedded and blessed, blowing upon
the candles with wishes and best
practise, the developing novels;

modern my rebirth and impudence:
hoping to fool, truth subsisting
and you'd said that already, how
tremolo sister of angels' flight
which resists the impenitent arc

of the civic disregard, inherent
in the masque and the advertise-
ment of our drama-- these shapes
are well-defined and shadowing a
kabuki on the windows, this beat

us up verbiage, vocabularies our
remembrance of things present is
comprised of, and if you unlock-
ed it, you'd be sure to find the
accented and impressive instant.