Wednesday, May 20, 2020


sleep the mechanical bull of los- 
ing sleep intensifies with regime 
change, yet did you know that the 
skin skinned regenerates with you 
plumbing a depth heretofore dorm- 

ant? namely, words engage panting 
intercourse, sweating the poisons 
and serendipitously--redemptively 
too--that millennial erosion into 
last gasps, last laughs! the yoga 

that spelt spinning nondirection- 
ally recoups the 400 blows that'd 
dragged you, fletcher rubbed your 
face in it and points unknown the 
desirable, imprecise dépaysement; 

none of this means business: long 
placating multiplication the word 
of blind blues interrupted up and 
within the pleasurable swing that 
loads me lording over, how i sal- 

ivated those years to afterimages 
shredded and disconnected from my 
machine: left blank pulse residue 
that fervently beats the new jazz 
into the makeup of new world news 

and yes remembered the illuminat- 
ing ages foregone and foreclosed, 
rat cellars poemphasis hilda this 
enchanted, it's often too much to 
breathe in a slaughterhouse, too.

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