Saturday, March 21, 2020


sofa the brush and unrepentant my 
illustrated span stretching along 
party lines resolved me unshaking 
to pry and pipe like the linguist 
my father was, all-revolving luck 

that brandished wipes the face a- 
way from the head, bodily against 
reception or to crow-- eyes fast- 
ened on an upwinding path shining 
into eternal infinity, leveraging 

and juggling the weighty, judges' 
accumulated synch, and spiralling 
the unravelled, rapunzeller free- 
fell enough to inspire the tales: 
over the hedge, through the door; 

unlock, open unto me thou discov- 
erer of mad cerulean fire as well 
as empyrean grey foams swollen my 
absent-minded minuet crashing, as 
if the divided pulse moved you to 

mark things, make wheels, wheeled 
within stone gold-veined whose o- 
tiose futures meld and waste like 
the rushes of waving winter.. not 
that she stands without, request- 

ing entry, or that anyone peculi- 
ar stammers out a tattooing blues 
that's bound and everlasting: the 
rumour was more that dance skewed 
our bodies, folding us into acts.

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  1. Who are you? I've been following you for years. Reveal yourself!