Wednesday, March 11, 2020


bubble the remonstrances of outer 
bongolia stricken as carel giving 
over to patterns, point de capit- 
on involving and rubber meets the 
road when you run out of road but 

nothing is inessential, i had two 
hands today and when walker skies 
the bell maths puddle like enorm- 
ous oases in the root, as eager.. 
trying to forget results in paper 

balled into fists as if viciously 
french, paste-eater of an ingenue 
who was held, scrubbing, intersex 
and infixed, god what's become of 
the baby?? nothing to do with me; 

as abandoned, so below: inspirat- 
ional avant la lettre, slummer in 
the tall city, dreamt afterimages 
sinking like frontloads, inbuild- 
en ships and hourglasses, if this 

is the future are we men or what? 
scrimmaging idolatries stacked in 
careless symmetry may be swiftly, 
finally flayed, but that doesn't, 
can't mean that the technological 

chora order, as well-- who're all 
these weirdos? my throat is sore, 
pulp accumulating on my welcoming 
face, egg, too, it doesn't cohere 
into nothing but it isn't unsafe.

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